Lactation Services


Initial Consultation (90-120 Minutes) $150

At our initial consultation we can discuss any concerns you may have about breastfeeding and newborn behavior. During this appointment we will discuss in depth how your baby cues they are hungry, how pregnancy and birth went, and basic newborn behavior. From there I will do a latch assessment, weighted feed (if needed), oral function assessment, body tension assessment and make any referrals if needed.

Together we come up with a plan of care that will work best for your family.  


Follow up (60 Minutes) $100

Follow up visits are best when you still have concerns or in depth questions after our initial consultation. At this visit we can discuss in depth any concerns you have, we can weigh your baby, latch assessment, and feeding positions.  Follow up visits are also important after tie revisions to assess healing and body work.


Revision Follow up (60 Minutes) $100

Post Frenectomy care is crucial. This follow up we will discuss post-frenectomy care in depth, discuss the importance of body work, and come up with a care plan that will work best for your family.


Virtual follow up (45 minutes) $75

A virtual follow up can be done by phone or video chat. A virtual follow up is appropriate for those who need a quick check in on how our care plan is going, questions, and/or minor concerns about feeding.

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