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Lactation Services


Initial Consultation (90-120 Minutes) $175

This consultation is to address any concerns or feeding challenges you and your baby may be facing. An in depth medical history will be taken prior to the appointment so we can focus on how breastfeeding is going. We will discuss everything from labor and delivery to infant behavior and feeding cues. From there I will weigh your baby, assess oral function, and observe oral anatomy. After, I will assess latch and breast milk supply. After this assessment and all questions are answered we will come up with a care plan together. 



Follow up (60 Minutes) $100

Follow up care is done after our  initial consultation. We will address any concerns that may come up after our initial consultation. In this visit, baby will be weighed, latch and feeding will be observed. From there we will discuss future recommendations and plans of action.


Prenatal Consultation (60 Minutes) $50

Are you preparing for the newest addition to your family? Let's sit down and connect. Together we can go over realistic expectations after delivery, newborn behavior, breast milk supply, latching and feeding goals.The goal of this consultation is to give you the confidence and skill set to set you and your baby up to meet your feeding goals. This consultation is best in the range of 34 weeks and on. This helps keep information fresh.


Breastfeeding Education (90-120 Minutes) $100

Breastfeeding education is the best way to prepare you and your partner for the road ahead. In this one-on-one class, I will go over: Pregnancy, Breast changes, Newborn behavior, Infant Sleep patterns, latch and positioning, colostrum and milk transition, feeding frequency, common concerns and much more. On top of covering breastfeeding basics, I will address any questions you may have.


Virtual Breastfeeding Education (Own Pace) $25

In my go at your own pace virtual breastfeeding class, I cover topics ranging from Pregnancy, Breast Changes, Nipple shape, Newborn behavior,  Newborn Sleep, latch and positioning, milk transition, feeding frequency and much more. This class is designed to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. With 6 month access, you will have the tools at your fingertips as reference.

Payment plans available on a case to case basis. 
Accessible care is a priority of mine.

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“A mother’s worth is measured in love, and not ounces.”

-Stacey Stewart

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