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My Story

  January 2018 I gave birth to a beautiful Baby Boy. I had prepared for labor and birth, but I did not prepare for postpartum or breastfeeding because that is the part that "comes naturally," right? I was very wrong.

By day three postpartum I was in excruciating pain. The thought of latching my sweet Baby made me cringe. I knew something wasn't right, but I wasn't sure what it was. I started reading online about pain with breastfeeding and soon learned he had a lip and tongue tie. We had it released at one week old. From that point forward I knew I wanted to help other Moms who may be feeling the same way. Later that year I became a Certified Lactation Specialist. 
Fast forward to October 2020, I gave birth to my sweet Baby Girl. This time I was a little more prepared for any challenges that could come our way. Her provider and I immediately noticed her lip tie and I soon learned of her tongue tie and buccal ties. At this time I knew a bit more and sought out a provider to do a complete release of her oral ties.
It took her nine days to be able to fully feed at the breast. After everything we had gone through from bodywork to oral rehabilitation, I was again reminded how much I love helping not only babies, but Moms successfully feed their babies. This inspired the beginning of Dragonfly Lactation.

Melanie Kondrat IBCLC

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