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Dragonfly Lactation

Melanie Kondrat
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

About Me

   I'm so happy you're here! My name is Melanie Kondrat. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Doula and my favorite title I hold is Mom. I own and run Dragonfly Lactation. I am currently a one woman show, but I'm hoping to change that in the future. 
  While I have studied countless hours on topics ranging from pregnancy to postpartum, my specialty is Lactation.    After my first birth and very hard breastfeeding journey, I had a revelation and thought surely this is not how it has to be for every mom. Mom's and families deserve support, autonomy and education.
  From there I sought out formal Lactation Training and became a Certified Lactation Specialist. From that point on I knew I wanted to help families successfully feed their babies.
  Once, I had my second baby we (Health care provider and I) immediately noticed she had oral ties and I knew we were in for another journey. I was then again reminded of the impact I could make helping moms who are struggling the way I have struggled. I decided to pursue my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or IBCLC.

  My heart truly bursts when I get to serve the families in Knoxville and surrounding areas. I understand that each family's journey and needs are unique. I'm here to support you in any way possible. 



Lactation Consulting

I offer lactation consultations to address any concerns you may have. We can address an array of issues ranging from engorgement to oral function. 

Breastfeeding Education

Breastfeeding education can be done both virtually or in person.  

Prenatal Consultations

Did you struggle through a past experience and want to be more prepared this time? Or are you a first time Mom wanting to prepare for your feeding journey? Let's sit down and talk about it!



“Melanie was wonderful in helping me in my breastfeeding journey with my twin girls. She gave me tips and tricks on how to increase my milk supply and guided me through mastitis. 10/10 recommend her services”
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